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Holy Innocents Teams with Ryan’s Nets to Deliver Malaria-Preventing Mosquito Nets

HI is teaming with Ryan’s Nets to deliver insecticide-treated nets (ITNs) to Mbarara. Ryan’s Nets is the brainchild of a 13-year-old American boy who befriended HI President Bonaventure Turyomumazima, became concerned about the children of Mbarara, and decided to help.

Despite combating his own life-threatening illness, Ryan created Ryan’s Nets and asked friends to buy a net to save a life. Together with HI, Ryan’s efforts have enabled the purchase of over 1,000 nets to date.

Each net can protect several children against malaria-carrying mosquitoes, which generally bite in the late night or early morning hours, when children are sleeping.

Together with Ryan, we will deliver many more ITNs to Mbarara in the coming months. With your help, we can prevent thousands of life-threatening malaria infections.

Note: This article was originally posted on January 2008.

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