Holy Innocents Children's Hospital Uganda

Mbarara Chancellor Completes US Planning Trip

Mbarara Archdiocese Chancellor and HI President Bonaventure Turyomumazima has recently completed a two-month trip to the US to confer with members of Holy Innocents’ executive staff and team and lay the groundwork for the construction of the hospital.

“Fr. B.,” as he is affectionately known, provided critical information regarding construction options, power requirements, staffing needs and prevention program logistics, and facilitated communication between HI in the US and the Ugandan planning team in Mbarara.

During his stay, Fr. B. worked tirelessly to communicate the plight of the children of Mbarara to service organizations, youth groups and the media. Fr. B’s efforts and commitment are playing a key role in the successful roll-out of the hospital.

Note: This article was originally posted on January 2008.

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